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A delicate-sounding acoustical open headphone for audiophiles and studio professionals


German Maestro Studio Series

Studio Series Professional Headphones
Designed for audiophiles and studio professionals
The top choice of many recording engineers


GermanMAESTRO GMP400 Open Back Studio & Audiophile Headphones. Allow the experts from GermanMAESTRO to introduce to you the GMP 400 headphones. Designed specifically for studio mixing and audiophile listening these headphones come as close to perfect sound as possible. Impressive technical features and utmost comfort make the GMP 400 a popular headphone for recording engineers around the globe.

Equipped with high-grade drivers, lightweight sandwich diaphragms and copper-plated aluminium voice coils, the GMP 400 headphones create precise resolution and differentiation. The result is an uncompromising sound experience with sparkling trebles, an expansive mid-range and dynamic lower-end. And with the open-backed design, the GMP 400 headphones convey natural and uncoloured sound.

To round of the perfect headphone experience GermanMAESTRO have incorporated unique five-dimensional "cardamatic" floating earcups. This suspension of the earcups ensures a comfortable, individual fit and prevents infiltration of microphonic noise. Soft, velvet earpads make the comfort factor complete. A gold-plated 6.35 mm stereo jack adapter is included.

A real studio champion: GermanMAESTRO GMP 400.


Professional Applications
Perfect balanced resolution and differentiation of the sound spectrum make the GMP 400 ideal for music production and mixing purposes in the studio.

Natural Spacious Sound
With an open earcup design the GMP 400 headphones create a subtle, refined and delicate sounding audio experience.

Impressive Features
Innovative lightweight layered diaphragms, copper-plated aluminium voice coils and quality drivers combine to create the best possible sound.

Advanced Cardamatic Suspension
GermanMAESTRO's unique floating earcup innovation ensures a comfortable individual fit for any head size. This five-dimensional system also deflects microphonic noise.

Ergonomic Design
Earpads made from soft fabric material make the GMP 400 a pleasure to wear, even for extended periods of time. The adjustable headband makes sure the headphones stay in place.

Quality Craftsmanship
All GermanMAESTRO headphones are designed and manufactured in Germany by engineers with years of experience in the audio industry.

Peace of Mind
Every GermanMAESTRO headphone comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.



Technical Specifications

Frequency response: 14 – 24.100 Hz
Nominal impedance: 300 Ω
Acoustical principle: Open
Earpads: Velvet, circumaural
Average pressure on the ear: ~3 N
Weight: 240 g (without cable)
Connector: Gold-plated 3.5 / 6.35 mm jack plug
Cable: Straight, 3 m


GermanMAESTRO GMP 400 Features

Suitable for professional music production and studio mixing
Open design for natural, uncoloured sound reproduction
Uncompromising sound replication across the sound spectrum
Sandwich diaphragms with copper-plated aluminium voice coils
Unique 'Cardamatic' suspended earcups for perfect individual fit
Velvet earpads guarantee long lasting comfort
Handcrafted in Germany
3-Year manufacturer warranty


Package Includes

GermanMAESTRO GMP 400 Open Back Professional Audiophile Headphones
Gold-plated 6.35 mm screw-on jack adapter

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By DanTheMan (CA, USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: German Maestro GMP 400 Ohm Headphones (Electronics)
If you want to spend hours on end analyzing a recording for editing purposes, these are the best headphones(I should actually say Transducers) I've heard for the purpose. The have almost no clamping pressure, and the cardiowhatever suspension allows them to sit on your head with extreme comfort. It seems like everything on the recording comes through loud and clear in a very detailed way. Every instrument and every note stays distinct no matter how many are playing. All the little pops, clicks, and mic/preamp noise make their presence known as well.

There's no one headphone for everyone, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find this much detail for this much money. I used to think my GMP8.300 were incredible b/c they were much better than any of my other cans for this purpose, but these are definitely the next level. I have more headphones than I  could state with dignity… So I'm sure these are at least great


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