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NR 22 HD

The player-converter that rivals the best vinyl turntables


The NR 22 HD continues in the footsteps of the NR10HD, adding a non-quartz clock (a world exclusive) and a constrained layer sandwich cover.

There is no other player on the market that combines very high definition with such exceptional digital fluidity. The non-quartz clock provides a very “analogue sound” with a surprising image depth. The sound has richer nuances and colours without losing its energy or its bandwidth. A benchmark CD player.

  • nr22 hd black by neodio
  • nr22 hd silver by neodio
         nr remote neodio

CD Player

  • CD Player/DAC
  • DVD-ROM transport mechanism, anti-vibration treatment, aluminium remote control
  • Ultra compact conversion section with master clock close to the converter
  • 24-bit /192KHz conversion with asynchronous upsampler
  • 24-bit/192KHz USB and RCA digital inputs
  • Ultra compact, ultra fast output stage (100 MHz)
  • 150VA Toroidal transformer, 4 supplies, 7 regulators
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Dimensions 446 x 110 x 400 (mm) (L x H x D)

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