Stellar M-700 Mono


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תיאור מוצר

The Stellar M700 mono amplifiers are a massively powerful engine capable of effortlessly driving demanding loudspeaker loads to concert levels. Stellar’s best. A pair of these placed on any loudspeaker brings forth the lush, rich and soul-satisfying power of two completely independent power blocks with headroom to spare. One listen to a hugely loud and complex musical passage effortlessly rendered by the M700 pair and you’ll know you made the right choice.

Rated at 350 Watts into 8Ω and 700 Watts into 4Ω, the M700 combines the best of two worlds: ultra linear, high-current, Class D technology for the output stage; a discrete, Class A MOSFET based Analog Cell for the all-important input stage. The M700’s rich, warm, and engaging sonic character comes from the Analog Cell. Its powerful, authoritative control over the loudspeaker stems from its high current, ultra-low impedance Class D output stage.

Stellar’s design imperative was to produce a truly musical sounding power amplifier that proudly competed with any amplifier under $5,000.  Its designer, PS Audio engineer Darren Myers, took the challenge and set to work on a new concept—a hybrid that would combine the best of today’s technology with time-honored techniques leveraging PS Audio’s forty plus years of experience.

The results are extraordinarily musical. Even from the earliest prototype we knew the Stellar power amplifier series was going to be something special. Stellar amplifiers never draw attention to themselves, a rare quality in amplifiers of any price. After hundreds of hours of tuning, voicing, and perfectionist tweaking, we were confident the ends justified the means.

Audition the Stellar M700 pair and you’ll appreciate Myers’ dedication to musical truth without compromise.

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