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קדם מגבר SLP 05-Pre

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SLP-05 Preamplifier

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Cary Audio’s finest preamplifier has been the recipient of many awards and glowing reviews. It consists of one enclosure housing the preamplifier itself, and a second separate power supply to keep noise out of the musical signal path and provide a more stable electrical foundation. Like most Cary Audio products it is fully differential-balanced in construction to further reduce electronic noise, and uses no global feedback for faster response. The SLP-05 features three pairs of RCA inputs plus a tape loop, as well as two pairs of XLR balanced inputs, and includes a Cinema Bypass mode so you can share sources between the music system and a home theater processor without worrying about degrading the signal path or having to readjust volume.

A set of hand-matched tubes is provided with your SLP-05, as well as a matched pair that simply power a built-in headphone amplifier. All of this technology simply means that you will be listening to music that is lifelike in its richness and clarity, and full of the tiny details that raise the SLP-05 from simply good to world-class. Cary Audio’s attention to detail in circuit design, parts quality, and a superb finish, makes this truly an investment in musical enjoyment and pride of ownership.

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